My Artist's Manifesto

It was immensely exciting to settle into my new studio when everything had been in storage for two years. It had taken that long for me to find any affordable and suitable space.  My excitement grew as I began to unearth things that I had almost forgotten I had - masses of brushes and paints, unfinished canvases, unframed drawings and lithographs, inks, printmaking rollers and barrens and inks, files of inspirational postcards, cradles of life drawings - not to mention the racks full of carefully wrapped finished works. All acquired one way or another over many years, either for my own work or for people who come for classes or workshops with me.

Of course, it is one thing to have all the stuff that you need to be creative. It's quite another to feel inspired or to get down to actually making the work.....! Luckily I found a 'muse' soon after I found the studio. An ancient olive tree. And I started making sketches. You can read about that encounter with the old tree, and my early studies of it, in last week's blog, here:

But now I've come to a little bit of an impasse. I'm not entirely sure which way to go on with the work - unsure of which medium to use, feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the tree and the weight of its history. Fortunate then to have also unearthed this note that I used to pin on my pin-board, and now have pinned there again.

For me, right now, all my focus is on this one: Work through the hard and boring bits. Stick to the rubbishy bits, and transform them!

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