When change dominates our lives and one fragile moment follows another at breathtaking pace, the qualities we most need to find are those of patience and trust; patience with the chaos of disrupted routines and upturned familiarities; trust that what we are discarding will, in the fullness of time, be replaced by something better or different; and both patience and trust in ourselves that our interrupted concentration will eventually find a focus and balance once again.

I should probably add resilience to that list of necessary qualities because, of course, there are always those hidden factors that only come to light once we are in the new situation...and some that we did anticipate but that aren't quite what we had imagined they would be. .

These musings, incidentally, have nothing whatsoever to do with our current global story of upheaval, for all that they are relevant to it. For me they are absolutely and completely about my own very personal situation at the moment...because I moved house on January 1st (how auspicious is that!) and will be moving into a new studio space on February 1st!

Talk about buses all arriving at the same time when you have been waiting for an eternity...! It has taken me six years to find both, and in many ways it feels like a new dawn, a re-emergence into the world after years in a wilderness of solitude.

To begin with, my new home is part of a larger place that I now share with family, and for all that I have my own separate space, I am having to hone my skills in boundary-setting and self-assertion. an interesting challenge. That's on the personal side of things.

The studio side of things is tremendously exciting for me, because I will once again be working in a community of other creative people, which is something that I haven't done in years and which I have been yearning for all that time.

It feels as though the desert has had a welcome shower of rain that will moisten the waiting seeds and make the wasteland bloom.

More anon, when I have moved in and settled in.

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