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First and foremost, i trust you are all keeping healthy, and that lockdown isn't breaking your spirit. These are strange times, some are calling them surreal. Certainly, they are not easy and yet, as in all challenging days, people's resourcefulness is coming into its own. People are finding extraordinarily creative ways of staying connected and being supportive.

Yesterday a wonderful initiative to support artists came to my notice, that I have joined. It is the #artistsupportpledge - a beautiful, and very direct way to help artists to survive these times when all their sources of potential income - teaching, exhibitions, residencies, gallery work, sales etc - have dried up.

The concept is simple. As part of the pledge we are offering work that we can sell for up to €200 (not including shipping). Anyone can buy. Then, when each of us artists has totalled €1000 worth of sales, we are pledging to buy work to the value of €200 from other artists.

We are posting the images of our work on Facebook and Instagram. I am thinking that I will also create a Pinterest board for mine. Wherever you see the Hashtag #artistsupportpledge you will know that an artist is participating in the project.

My first offerings as part of the pledge - #artistsupportpledge - are these recent oil pastel paintings created in the limited space of my small apartment during these lockdown days. They were inspired by the work of Paul Klee. The subtle colour variations have come about through building up the layers of oil pastel over watercolour. It's a delicate process, because oil pastels have a nasty way of quickly building up into a claggy, unworkable mess. The images each measure 15 x 15 cm, the white border brings the overall size to 21 x 21 cm.

Because they are small they are priced at a very reasonable €50 each, plus postage charges.

Please email me or message me for further information, or if you would like to buy any of the works. Also, do get in touch to see what else I am offering as part of this pledge.

My email address is

To keep abreast of updates, which I will be posting on social media you can find me on Facebook here:

and here:

Instagram: @oilpainteratlarge

Pinterest: Mary-Lynne Stadler

And don't forget to look for #artistsupportpledge

Until the next time, when I'll be letting you know what else I am pledging here, stay safe and stay sane.


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