Her Heart was Broken is a painting drawing of an ancient olive tree, accentuatiing the tree's twisting limbs and gnarled branches. The title is derived from the large hollowed-out area that occupies the heart of the tree. It is divided by a deep, dark rift. The tree's roots weave around each other and reach into the ground beneath. Despite her great age, and the many abuses that the tree has suffered over the centuries, she still throws fresh new growth up towards the sky above. she still bears fruit. The work has been created using Derwent Inktens Pencils, watercolour, gouache and dipping pen-and-ink. It measures 22 cm x 27 cm, and is offered in an ivory-coloured passe-partout of width 8cm. €350 + post and packaging.

When my younger daughter asked me for a smaller version of my large tree works as a fortieth birthday present, it came to me that I could actually make a series of smaller pieces to offer to people who don't have the space or budget for the large ones.

This series is based on the same aspects of the tree as the large ones. I have created them using the same mediums as before - Derwent Inktense Pencils, watercolour and dipping pen-and-ink, gouache - but for all of them apart from Basket of Life they have been created on a finer watercolour paper that is whiter than the rough, handmade paper that I worked on for the large ones. 


The images range in size from a width of 23 cm for the smallest to 35 cm for the largest, and heights ranging from 27 cm to 35 cm. They all come in ivory-coloured passe-partouts that are 8 cm  wide.