Enter My World

‘When you start a painting, it is somewhat outside you. At the conclusion, you seem to move inside the painting.’


Fernando Botero

The journey of discovery. The joy of the breakthrough. The 'Wow!' moment when a light flick of the brush or small dab of magenta brings the whole thing into focus, connects me to 'the other,' whatever that may be. In a word, for me drawing, painting, printmaking – the act of creating – is a spiritual journey.


As I am working I am also wandering. The wandering is important – there are things to explore: the sensuality of the medium, the subtleties of my subject.

Drawing is a meditation that forever alters my relationship with a place or thing. Making marks on the canvas must become meditative. If I hurtle blindly on towards a ‘finished’ work, I will pass over some of the most truthfully connected moments, many of those 'Wow!' moments that happen over and over again during the making of a work. 


The Wonder is All