Mary-Lynne Stadler - Fine Artist, Writer & Printmaker

I had the glimmering of an idea that painting was what I wanted to do the moment that I first felt and smelt oil paints, at around the age of ten, but it took many years, and many twists and turns until that wish became a reality.


By the time I finally succeeded in launching myself into a career in art I had had many jobs, often running concurrently. I had worked as a journalist, as a writer, and as an editor, and had run my own homeopathic practice. for sixteen years.


My art takes many forms, and how it turns out is often determined by what has inspired it in the first place,. The key thing is to be making connections to the things that are inspiring me, and to be expressing that connection in some creative way. At the end of the day it can emerge in paint, or as an artist's print, in mixed media or even as a written piece. 


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2019    'Talking Trees,,' Solo Exhibition, Aubergine, San Miguel, Ibiza

2017    Sluiz, Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza (Joint Exhibition)

2016   Art Expressions, Group Exhibition, Lellos art Point, Limassol, Cyprus

          Cyprus Open Studios, Pafos, Cyprus

2015   Solo Exhibition, Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel, Ibiza, Spain

2014   Open Studio Exhibition, Limassol, Cyprus

          ‘Wish You Were Here’ Postcard Exhibition, Santa Irene Events Venue,  Limassol, Cyprus

           Long term Exhibition at Zante Restaurant, Apesia, Limassol, Cyprus

2013    Inauguration Exhibition, Santa Irene Events Venue, Apesia, Limassol, Cyprus

          ‘Dreams of Life, Life of Dreams’ Solo Exhibition, Antithesis Art Cafe, Limassol                                           

          ‘A Celebration of Love’, Group Exhibition, Art Atelier, Limassol

2012    Ibsen Cultural Club, Limassol, Solo Exhibition

           Group Exhibition, Dinos Art Cafe, Limassol

2011     En Plo, Pafos Harbour, Cyprus (Paintings, Lithographs, Painted Driftwood, Mixed Media works) 

           Dinos art Cafe, Limassol (Joint Exhibition, Paintings, Lithographs and Mixed Media works)

2010    En Plo, Pafos Harbour, Cyprus (Paintings, Lithographs, Painted Driftwood, Mixed Media works)

          'Garden Magic' , Forza 9 Gallery, Polis, Cyprus (Group Exhibition, Painted Driftwood) 

          '4 artists: contemplative works', Forza 9 Gallery, Polis, Cyprus (Group Exhibition, Lithographs) 

2009  En Plo, Pafos Harbour, Cyprus (Paintings, Lithographs, Painted Driftwood, Mixed Media works)

2008  ‘Art Without Border’, Heroes Square, Limassol (Group Exhibition, Paintings)

           En Plo’, Kato Paphos (Group Exhibition, Paintings)

           ‘Light Water’, Kyklos Gallery Kato Paphos (Group Exhibition, Paintings) 

2007   ‘Muse’, Kivotos Art Café, Polis (Joint Exhibition, Paintings and Lithographs)

           ‘Masala’, Melina Mercouri Centre, Nicosia (Group Exhibition, Paintings) 

           ‘Swept Away’, Dinos Art Café, Limassol (Solo Exhibition, Paintings and Drawings)

           ‘Women in Art’, Studio 55, Limassol (Group Exhibition,Paintings)

2006   Participant in First Cyprus Open Studios

2005   Tekni Arts Gallery, Paphos (Group Exhibition, Paintings) 

2004   Apokalypse Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus (Group Exhibition, Paintings)

            Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus (Group Exhibition, Paintings)

            Diakosmos Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus (Group Exhibition, Paintings)

            En Plo Gallery, Kato Paphos, Cyprus (Group Exhibition, Paintings)

            ‘Colours of Darkness’, Cyprus College of Art Gallery, Lemba, (Solo Exhibition, Paintings)

2003    Posse Gallery, Castle Cary, Somerset (Solo Exhibition, Paintings & Lithographs

             Otterton Mill, Otterton, Devon (Group Exhibition, Lithographs &Tubelights)

             Slade Centre, Gillingham, Dorset (Group Exhibition, Paintings & Lithographs)

             Walford Mill, Wimborne, Dorset (Solo Exhibition, Lithographs)

2002     Badcocks Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall (Group Exhibition, Paintings)

             Walford Mill, Wimborne, Dorset (Group Exhibition, Lithographs & Tubelights)

             ‘All Art is Theft’, Sherborne House, Dorset (Group Exhibition, Slashed Works)

             ‘Changing Rooms’, Sherborne House, Dorset (Group Exhibition, Installation)

             The Idea Works, Gillingham, Dorset (Solo Exhibition, Paintings, Lithographs, Video) 

             Study Gallery, Poole, Dorset (Video Performance)

2001      Fisherton Mill, Salisbury, Wilts, UK (Group Exhibition, Etchings)

2000     Dorset Art Weeks

1998      Dorset Art Weeks (Solo Exhibition, Paintings)

Qualifications and Awards

2004                    Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, Cyprus College of Art

2001 – 2002        Research Fellowship, Stone Lithography, Bath Spa University College, Bath, England

2001                     BA Creative Arts, Bath Spa University College, Bath, England (Art & Creative Writing)


2016      ‘Ayio Kyriaki, St Paul’s Pillars’, Painting Commission for Mr Peter Hutchinson, Northern Ireland

              ‘The Two Fridas’, painting commission to replicate this again for Mr Jochen Hipp, Pafos

2014       ‘Sinti Monastery’, Painting Commission for Mr Jochen Hipp, Pafos                                                    

2013       'Mallow Heart’, Commission for Mr & Mrs Fleming, Kallepia, Pafos

2012       Portrait Commission of Frau Marita Pflugmacher, Germany 

2011        Commission to replicate Frida Kahlo's 'The Two Fridas'

2009     Commission to paint ‘Eyes’ Family Tree on Driftwood for Mr Richard Kozaks 

              Portrait Commission for Mr Tony Parsons 

              Commission 'Pan's Head' for Mr & Mrs E Williams, Pafos 

              Commission to make 'Set of Four', acetate and ink, for Mr & Mrs E Williams, Pafos 

2007      Portrait Commission, 'Postcard from Cyprus', of Mr Klaus Pflugmacher (Germany)                 

              Painted two Pitharia for landscape gardener Doug Whetlor, Cyprus Joy, Pafos 

2005     Portrait Commission, 'Realities', of Mr Jochen Hipp, Germany                                                                         

              Garden Design, Apollo Beach Villas, Pafos, Cyprus                      

              Cupola Mural for Gabriella Williams, Apollo Beach Villas, Pafos, Cyprus 

2004     'Mariposa', Large watercolour for Mariposa Hotel, Monteverde, Costa Rica


2004      Casa de Arte, Monteverde, Costa Rica                                           

2003      Artist in Residence, Printmaking, St Andrews Primary School, Fontmell Magna, Dorset                           

Permanent Loan

University Library, Bath Spa University College, Bath

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UK, Austria, Germany, France, USA, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Greece, Egypt, India, Hong Kong, Australia,

Qatar, Canada, Russia, Holland, Belgium, Ibiza, Ireland

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