Mary-Lynne had the glimmering of an idea...

.                                                                 .... that painting was what she wanted to do the moment that she first felt and smelled oil                                                                    paints, at around the age of ten, but it took many years, and many twists and turns until                                                                      that wish became a reality and she was finally able to go to art college. By that time she                                                                      had had many jobs, often running concurrently; had worked as a teacher, a journalist, as a                                                                  writer, and as an editor, and had also run her own homeopathic practice. for sixteen years. 


Following her degree in art and creative writing, she won a Fellowship in Stone Lithography, then went on to take a Postgraduate Diploma in Art at the Cyprus College of Art. Eleven years after arriving in Cyprus, where she was an active member of the art community, she left the island for family reasons, and now lives and creates on the Balearic island of Ibiza..

Her art takes many forms. The direction it takes is determined by many things and influenced by whatever has inspired it in the first place.. 'When I start on something,' she says, 'there is usually a struggle as my ego battles with my sprit, but with persistence and submission to the thing itself and to the medium that I am working in, - in other words, when I actually get out of the way - then things begin to flow more easily.'


The key thing is to be making real, deep connections to the things that are inspiring her, she goes ion,  and then to be expressing that connection in some creative way. At the end of the day it can emerge in paint, or as an artist's print, in mixed media or even as a written piece. 


She shares her creative adventures and musings in a newsletter/Blog.


You are cordially invited to join in the conversation. Simply complete the Contact Form at the bottom of the page to be kept up to date.   

Qualifications and Awards

2004                    Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, Cyprus College of Art

2001 – 2002         Research Fellowship, Stone Lithography, Bath Spa University College, Bath, England

2001                      BA Creative Arts, Bath Spa University College, Bath, England (Art & Creative Writing)


2020      Series of illustrations for children's book, 'Laia and the Elf' by Jean Braithwaite 

2016      ‘Ayio Kyriaki, St Paul’s Pillars’, Painting Commission for Mr Peter Hutchinson, Northern Ireland

              ‘The Two Fridas’, painting commission to replicate this again for Mr Jochen Hipp, Pafos

2014       ‘Sinti Monastery’, Painting Commission for Mr Jochen Hipp, Pafos                                                    

2013       'Mallow Heart’, Commission for Mr & Mrs Fleming, Kallepia, Pafos

2012       Portrait Commission of Frau Marita Pflugmacher, Germany 

2011        Commission to replicate Frida Kahlo's 'The Two Fridas'

2009      Commission to paint ‘Eyes’ Family Tree on Driftwood for Mr Richard Kozaks 

               Portrait Commission for Mr Tony Parsons 

               Commission 'Pan's Head' for Mr & Mrs E Williams, Pafos 

               Commission to make 'Set of Four', acetate and ink, for Mr & Mrs E Williams, Pafos 

2007       Portrait Commission, 'Postcard from Cyprus', of Mr Klaus Pflugmacher (Germany)                 

               Painted two Pitharia for landscape gardener Doug Whetlor, Cyprus Joy, Pafos 

2005       Portrait Commission, 'Realities', of Mr Jochen Hipp, Germany                                                                         

               Garden Design, Apollo Beach Villas, Pafos, Cyprus                      

               Cupola Mural for Gabriella Williams, Apollo Beach Villas, Pafos, Cyprus 

2004       'Mariposa', Large watercolour for Mariposa Hotel, Monteverde, Costa Rica


2004      Casa de Arte, Monteverde, Costa Rica                                           

2003      Artist in Residence, Printmaking, St Andrews Primary School, Fontmell Magna, Dorset                           

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