It is a real pleasure to add this page and portfolio of fine arts paintings and other works to my site because one of the most wonderful things about making art is the sharing aspect of it. 

This initiative, begun during the great Corona Lockdown, is a way for you to support artists, and for we artists to support each other in a very direct and real way. 

The concept is very simple. Those of us that are participating are offering works for sale up to a maximum value - €200 in my case as this is my local currency, + shipping. Then, once we have attained €1000 worth of sales we are pledging to spend €200 on art by another artists or other artists. In other words, we are pledging to share on 20% of our sales with our colleagues. 

The mini-portfolio on this page is an easy way for you to find works that are part of the pledge. Some are new, made specifically with the #artistsupportpledge in mind. But you will also find others that are already on my site. They are ones that are already within the price point, or that I am offering at slightly lower prices for this initiative. Please browse through my portfolio to see if you what there is within the price point, and let me know if, while you are browsing, you see something else that is slightly more pricey.  I am open to negotiating  

You can follow the #artistsupportpledge initiative on Instagram, where I will be updating my contributions regularly, and where you will also find me as #oilpainteratlarge.