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I hope you will enjoy exploring my work, which you can see by opening the Portfolio tab. By clicking on any particular work that interests you, you will learn more about each piece, and find information about dimensions, medium and price.

In my Blogs you can get a glimpse into my own creative and thought processes, musings about the work of other artists and other philosophical meanderings. Do Subscribe if you would like to receive my Blog posts direct to your Inbox. I send out two a month.

Unsurprisingly, given that I grew up living a barefoot life in Africa, close to nature, it is the natural world that inspires my work Sand, sea, rain and mud, the moon and monsoons, mango trees, mountains and rain forests were my world.

And perhaps it is because, traditionally, African and Aboriginal cultures are firmly rooted in their connection to the physical world which is both honoured and respected, I also find that am strongly drawn to the arts - visual and musical -of both. Perhaps this comes through in my own work somehow. If it does, it is never done consciously.

My current obsession is trees, in particular one particular ancient olive tree. Check out what this is all about in my Blog, 'Ripples of an Epiphany" and some of the subsequent ones. See where the obsession has been leading me in the works in The Tree Series.

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